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Waterjetting has developed into the preferred technique for creating, trimming and finishing composite parts. Waterjets allow for extremely contoured aerospace components, with no thermal damage to materials.

Aircraft Guage Panel

Aerospace composites can be machined without de-lamination. Waterjet technology cuts aerospace composites and materials faster than routers and creates no airborne dust. This increases our productivity and reduces your costs.

Our 5 axis technology and innovative machinery gives us the advantage to complete all sorts of projects even under strict deadlines. Our experience in waterjet cutting enables us to process projects from prototype to production.

Prospective designs of all types, with varying requirements and specifications are performed by RED that many of our competitors cannot. We offer a wide variety of in-house services to complete projects with extraordinary quality and unparalleled performance.

Many of the parts we have produced for the aerospace industry include gaskets, titanium spacers and weldment components, instrument display panels and more.


From prototypes to full automotive parts production, waterjet cutting for the automotive and aftermarket industry is one of our strengths. The automotive industry is always changing, releasing new models every year.

Big Block Chevy Valve Cover Spacers

Improvements in design and engineering in OEM and aftermarket performance parts dictates that prototypes are made quickly and efficiently to avoid costly overruns. You can rely on RED to custom manufacture your parts with precision, quality and cost efficiency.

Our waterjets are used to cut a wide variety of exterior and interior components. For example, prototype parts such as flanges, sensor housings and manifolds are just a few of the wide array of parts that can be made by a waterjet is nearly endless.

Sear Mechanism Component for Pocket Knife
  • Interior, exterior and decorative parts
  • Brackets, frame and subframe parts
  • Components of spoilers, flat panel fenders and bumper panels
  • Drive train, transmission and power train linkage, gears, and assemblies.
  • Washers, shims, spacers and numerous small parts.
  • Parts for wheels, brakes and wheel assemblies
  • Door and entry point hinges, latches, tabs and brackets
  • Gaskets and seals cut from a variety of materials for all kinds of sealing applications.
  • Exterior Trim Pieces such as side protection, grills and rocker panels


RED excels in providing parts to OEM companies in markets including HVAC, Transportation, Aerospace, Electronics, and more. We can meet any quality system parameters for part criterion and regulatory compliance.

Aluminum Mounting Plate

Some of the most common parts we provide are custom gaskets, flanges, brackets and plates. Common materials used include stainless steel, rubber, silicone, cork, AR400/500, Buna-n, neoprene, aluminum, fiberglass, copper, brass, Urethane, and more.

RED manufactures items for a wide range of applications, including aerospace, marine, tooling, automotive, aircraft, engines, motorcycle, appliances, medical and others.


Waterjet cutting of marine components is superior to other methods due to the lack of heat, which could cause thermal damage to many materials. Waterjet’s capability of stacking materials permits greater fabrication productivity over standard machining.

RED waterjet machines regularly cut a wide spectrum of marine specification parts from gaskets and molding, to brackets and plates. This includes rigid materials and composites, in addition to soft materials such as plastic, rubber, foam and fabrics.


RED can handle your made-to-order projects, even jobs considerably larger than any regular project. Our huge cutting area enables us to process large sheets of material at one time. This ability is perfectly suited to architectural orders. RED is adept at manufacturing architectural signs and large one-off assemblies. Our custom manufacturing is performed in house so you can rely on timely delivery and quality of the finished product.

Steel Pergola Decorative Panels

Waterjet cutting does not cause thermal damage or discoloration of materials. This is outstanding for inlays, custom designs and shapes, and logos. The fastest, cleanest and most cost effective method for cutting numerous architectural materials is waterjet.

Waterjets are capable of cutting a wide variety of architectural materials ranging from plastics, to steel and granite. RED automated equipment will apply your CAD drawing, dimensional drawing or we can produce the design for you. Long run or single custom projects are welcome.

Rather than costly conventional machining, waterjet cutting is truly the ultimate method for precise cutting of custom and distinctive architectural components.

Aluminum Waterjet Sign
Aluminum Sprockets
Frame Gussets with company Logo