Precision Milled Test Mold

Machining Services - CNC


CNC Milled Adapter Flanges

RED offers a wide array of standard and precision CNC milling services and turning services. From plastics to metals we can meet your requirements. Using state of the art CNC milling equipment, RED is capable of short run CNC prototypes as well as high volume CNC production orders. When you combine this with our extensive 5 axis waterjet capability, you have a manufacturing partner you can rely on for quick-turnarounds and the highest quality. Below is a list of the standard machining services.

  • 3 axis CNC milling
  • 2 axis manual turning
  • Knurling and grooving
  • Drilling and tapping services
  • Machine shop for large or small parts
  • Aluminum CNC machining – shapes & parts
  • Steel and stainless steel CNC machining
  • Plastic and composite CNC machine work
  • Drilling and tapping services

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If there is something you are interested in but don’t see it in the list above, let us know and we will find a solution for you. RED has strong relationships with local finishing and machining companies which assures that any design can be manufactured quickly and within budget.

Precision Turned Milled Mount Axle

At RED we don’t shy away from challenging projects. We specialize at finding solutions to problems that other shops don’t want to deal with. We can fabricate fixtures, mounting systems, forming tools etc in order to complete a project and we do it with speed and accuracy that is hard to match.

Please visit our project gallery for examples of fabrication projects we have performed.

Delrin Waterjet and Machined 3D Printer Component
Steel Cap with Angled Port
Tapped and Pinned Inspection Fixture